Friday, 24 December 2010


Me dey hungry
Me dey skinny
Me look, me look, me look, me no find food chop

Me dey hungry
Me dey skinny
E b like say I dey die..

D wicked d fly master
Everytime e dey come to dey pollute d food
Me belle e dey pain me every time I eat am

I stop

Me take me d eye look up
Me say me Daddy I dey hungry o let me die
He send me d manna
He send me d sparrow bring me d seed
He send me d good aunty and d good uncle
Dem help me plant d garden

Ah I don chop again
E be like say dem pour fresh water for me body
Me body dey cool eh like so
I no die again

D friend of me e come visit me
E tell me say I dey look rosy O
Me dey blush for inside me brown skin ae
Me dey smile say na me Daddy O
Me Daddy no leave me

Even E send me d sparrow and make d manna to fall
But E tell me say me must to water d seed wey d sparrow give me
Me must to no keep d manna make e stale
But me go wait Him give me d fresh manna every day
Me must to bring meself come d place wey Him go put d fresh manna every day

Me must to plant d garden & dress am
Me must to remove all dem weed dem even d one wey I like d colour
Some dem weed dem fine ae! Like flower decorate d garden
But Daddy say weed na weed
Daddy say add d fertilizer every day, gather d seed wey scatter for d road
And drive all d birds dem commot wey wan steal d seed

So d garden go grow, make e dey gimme plenty plenty d fruit
Dis wey me Daddy tell me

Even though me Daddy don go for d distant land....far far away
Me still dey hear Him voice

Him voice na like d cool evening breeze after d hot Saro sun don finish hammer me
Me Daddy - Him Spirit no leave me


Bunmi Munis said...

Aboslutely love it.So many reflections from the bible.

This reminds me of Psalm 121: where in our eyes look unto the hills from whence cometh our help. It also remains me of Psalm 1: where in we are like trees planted along the riverbank planting fruit each season without fail, our leaves never wither and in all we do we shall prosper.

It also remains me of the parables: sowing of the seeds and weeds among good plants.

Our God never fails he has authority over all, the great provider that is who he is. He would defintely bring us out of all our problems and delay is certainly no denial.He is an on time God.

Lara said...

Darling Bunmi, am glad u love it!

It's a relection about the journey of a child of God ..where good food that is truth is scarce and a lot of what is being served up as God's message has been polluted - some of it very subtly.

Where satan - beelzebub 'lord of the flies' - he is the "fly master" has polluted the food so that what is served as truth does not give life.

And a child of God gets to a point where the child looks up to heaven saying 'Father I am hungry, I am at risk of dying here and I don't want to die'

And the Father looks down and teaches His child how to find good food.

The seed is the word of God and the Father teaches how to cultivate it to bear fruit - the parable of the sower like you said. The weeds sometimes appear dressed as flowers but are still weeds which will choke out the seed, refers to the cares of this post 'how do you listen' has more on the parable of the sower.

The Father feeds with fresh manna teaching the child not to rely on yesterday's glory, but to learn to cultivate intimacy every day. The manna represents daily fellowship & intimacy through prayer, fresh not relying on yesterday's glory - pressing forward to know and have more of God each day carefully.

The Father's Spirit that was always with the child is the Holy Spirit, who instructs, guides & helps the child.


Yemi said...

Hi Lara - This is a really lovely poem/reflection, full of truth and encouragement. I love the use of pidgin English but most importantly i love the depth of the truth you presented. It felt almost like I was reading one of the Psalms in the Bible. The part about some weeds looking beautiful but the Father saying 'weed na weed' struck a chord in my heart.
I just stumbled on your blog today and it is very encouraging to read from a fellow Nigerian whose thinking appears to be really biblically grounded. May God bless and continue to inspire you as you share your heart.

Lara said...

Amen! Thank you Yemi.

Lara said...

As per the weeds: Matthew 13:22 "The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful."