Sunday, 14 December 2014

I believe in miracles

I did mention that I would share my testimony on the Lord sending help to me in supernatural way.

God is living and active in our every day lives. He cares about the details... He cares about you & I!

I will post the testimony in pretty much the same format in which I sent it to members of our ministry In God's Company and a few other friends.

"Dear All, I have a testimony.

It brings tears to my eyes of God's caring nature. I just want to thank Him, also to ask you to help me adore & glorify His name.

It's been a very busy period for me, non stop since the start of this year. In the run up to the wedding more so. I was quite run down, my immunity low with mouth sores and I ached all over. I would typically wake up tired most days, I started having back with side pain in addition

Anyhow, I went to bed yesterday after 2 days in a row of 4hr daily work commute. Yes 4hours!

I had a dream in which it seemed again I had a dream within a dream, someone came and laid next to me. Even as I was falling drifting into the sleep, I was aware of a physical presence next to me on my bed. In the dream someone rubbed all over my back like they were soothing my pain.

Incidentally, I had been talking to God that night about having supernatural experiences and experiencing a greater dimension of spiritual vision.

I woke up this morning so refreshed, I am on my way back from a meet up after work and still not having pains all over my body despite carrying a very heavy bag around town. That is unusual for me.

What touches me most is the care of God and that He saw me. Jeohovah El-Roi the one who sees. God sent His help to rub my back and relieve me of aches - pls help me bless Him!!!!!!!!

Many people around me, even nearest and dearest did not know how very stretched I was but the Lord saw it and came in a special way to help me."

He was my greatest help through the wedding, Oh How I love Him so.

When it was time to save mankind, He came Himself; so it's not a surprise that He would do this for me.


Saturday, 6 December 2014

I got married!

"When a man is newly married, he shall not go out with the army or be charged with any business; he shall be free at home one year and shall cheer his wife whom he has taken." Deuteronomy 24:5

Well, the above is kind of what I did... Hence I haven't really written on the blog this year.

I got married last Saturday! Well, one of our many wedding ceremonies :-) we'd already been to the registry in Oct, got joined before the Lord in the US over the summer, with two meet-the-family ceremonies in between but we finally had the big wedding celebration last Thursday & Saturday where friends and family came in from all over to celebrate with us.

My husband's name is Wale Olutunbi and he is a great saxophonist for Jesus, he also plays the piano and used to sing in the choir as boy, he's still got that singing voice, so he's a very musical man; but above all, he loves the Lord and loves me:-)

I'll try to tell you a bit about how we met and the journey thus far someday, if it will encourage someone else along the way and describe the faithfulness of My Father.

It's time now for me to get back to ministry full on. My Father has been so kind as to let me get on with the business of marrying but He did let me know I was to get back to it as soon as we were done with the wedding. He expressly said so to me, I do love Him for His attention to detail, His heart because He knew I needed the time off so He let me have it and supported me ALL THE WAY!

I'll tell you one day in detail about the miracle that happened on a day I was very tired during all of the hustle and bustle of this year, the Lord actually sent an angel to rub my back! How marvellous is that, this was love, such love, indeed I have known the Father's love for me!

Both my personal life and work life have been extremely busy this year, work sent me to a few places this year including Asia - gorgeous Singapore, though I was stuck in the office most of the time covering 2 time zones :-) and I also did considerable travelling on the personal side.

I tell you , it is unbelievable how much planning goes into a single day and I had 2 big events, 1 mini one and 2 other little ones - 3 of which involved considerable planning.

So friends, it's been a busy year but the most important thing all through this year is this:

I have known the Father's love for me...

The Lord would take me through a no of schools, when I was young and immature, not that I have attained now, I used to say to Him: won't you cut me some slack? and throw childish tantrums ~ when I was a child I thought like a child, I spoke like a child - that sort of thing.

I remember working in a job I hated once and couldn't get another - I turned to the Lord one day and said please just let me go! I knew it was Him keeping me there... but u c He had to, there are some schools you will need to go through so that you can be built up to be able to fulfil the purpose of God in your life. Schools required to attain some level of maturity, character formation, tenacity. I am still very much a work in progress and am constantly in school! My small papa Pastor Patrick Odigie said something "character is required to sustain the gift".

In the same vein that we go through schools where hard lessons are taught, there are seasons where like any good Father, the Lord Himself will celebrate you. Remember, He will always fulfil His promises for your life. You may not know how or when but you must know Him that He never fails, His love never fails and that He is indeed a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.

Fall in love with Jesus, it's the best thing I have ever done.

Lara Olutunbi :-)