Thursday, 8 May 2014

YOOHOO! I am still here! #BringBackOurGirls

Happy New Year Everybody!

I apologize for being away for so long, it's been one busy year!

I have missed this blog, I do hope somebody somewhere missed my being on here, that you haven't all run away and still have me on your googlereader and mailing lists.

I am just going to repost something I posted on my facebook page. It was an invite sent out to all and I do hope that you - yes you :-) reading this will be one of the respondents.

"In God's Company Ministry invites you to join us on our prayer line tomorrow Thursday at BST (GMT) 8.30PM. We are inviting all Christians and also non Christians who desire to encounter the power of the True and Living God.

We will be interceding for the safe return of the 234 girls kidnapped in Chibok, Nigeria. We will be praying to the God of all the Heavens and the God of the whole earth to flush out Boko Haram completely from Nigeria. We will also be carrying on with our usual order of the day to intercede for the Bride of Christ.

Last Thursday on the conference line, we prayed for the girls from Chibok. There were just 4 of us on the line & I heard my best friend cry as she poured her heart out to God, it cut me - I was cut to my core and in that instant I knew that I heard her heart, I heard her soul and that the God of all the Heaven and the earth heard it too - that I was only a bystander in a heavenly exchange between a daughter and Her Father. He wanted me to hear her soul, He wanted me to know how precious her cry was to Him, I knew that if she had moved me, she had moved God who is so full of compassion much more than I can ever hope to be. The depth to which her cry cut my soul, I knew that it had touched Heaven. Because I too have the Spirit of God in me, it was His Spirit bearing witness with mine that she had touched Him.

When we were praying last week, it looked so bleak but now the whole world is at attention, we know that we were one of many. Many inspired us, there is one of you here who decided to go off facebook except to post things related to the girls because she said if it was her child, she didn't think she could carry on on facebook, that was inspiring!

I will be posting the dial in nos and pin in my next post, join us tomorrow as we pray. We are simple folk, a ministry of intercessors whom God loves and have the privilege of loving Him too, we are not sophisticated, we just know JESUS!"

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