Sunday, 14 December 2014

I believe in miracles

I did mention that I would share my testimony on the Lord sending help to me in supernatural way.

God is living and active in our every day lives. He cares about the details... He cares about you & I!

I will post the testimony in pretty much the same format in which I sent it to members of our ministry In God's Company and a few other friends.

"Dear All, I have a testimony.

It brings tears to my eyes of God's caring nature. I just want to thank Him, also to ask you to help me adore & glorify His name.

It's been a very busy period for me, non stop since the start of this year. In the run up to the wedding more so. I was quite run down, my immunity low with mouth sores and I ached all over. I would typically wake up tired most days, I started having back with side pain in addition

Anyhow, I went to bed yesterday after 2 days in a row of 4hr daily work commute. Yes 4hours!

I had a dream in which it seemed again I had a dream within a dream, someone came and laid next to me. Even as I was falling drifting into the sleep, I was aware of a physical presence next to me on my bed. In the dream someone rubbed all over my back like they were soothing my pain.

Incidentally, I had been talking to God that night about having supernatural experiences and experiencing a greater dimension of spiritual vision.

I woke up this morning so refreshed, I am on my way back from a meet up after work and still not having pains all over my body despite carrying a very heavy bag around town. That is unusual for me.

What touches me most is the care of God and that He saw me. Jeohovah El-Roi the one who sees. God sent His help to rub my back and relieve me of aches - pls help me bless Him!!!!!!!!

Many people around me, even nearest and dearest did not know how very stretched I was but the Lord saw it and came in a special way to help me."

He was my greatest help through the wedding, Oh How I love Him so.

When it was time to save mankind, He came Himself; so it's not a surprise that He would do this for me.


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